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Why United Township of Dundas Is A Great Place To Live!

Located very close to the city of Ottawa, the United Township of Dundas, better known as Upper Canada is a great place to live. It comprises of two townships, North Dundas and South Dundas.

Well connected township

There are a lot of beautiful homes and cottages along the St. Lawrence River that are a true delight to own/live. Living here is dream come true for many; if you are looking for a place to settle down, you might seriously consider this township. It is also well connected to the other cities and regions; there are a number of people that commute daily to Ottawa and other inner cities from this place. Crysler Park Marina is also worth mentioning here and the township is close to 401 corridor.

North Dundas

North Dundas has a well functioning administrative department that works in an integrated manner. It coordinates with the municipal and makes sure all the activities are carried out in an efficient way. The township also offers a variety of programs relating to culture and recreation. Community members can benefit from art classes, a full-fledged library, cultural events and festivals. The township has partnered with volunteers and community organizations that help in organizing a range of events. Winchester is the central village that is famous for its Sunday market, Town Hall and the beautiful golf course.

Attractions are in plenty for the community members. There are farmers markets, fairs, heritage centers, golf clubs, parks and several other notable ones that keep you engaged.

South Dundas

South Dundas is no less and offers its community members out of the ordinary attractions and facilities. Recreation programs, lovely parks, stunning beaches, library, arenas, an amazing business park and multi-use municipal facilities are some of the several reasons to live in this well planned and organized township. Upper Canada village is a historic attraction while the theatres, cycling paths and nature trails appeal to the interests of the young, teens and the middle aged members. Morrisburg is the central village to South Dundas. The township attracts people from across profiles, age and status since it has everything people require for a comfortable living.

There are fire and emergency services, health and social services apart from the education and career assistance facilities. The administration is world class and the services extraordinary.

What more can you ask for?

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Photo credit: Luv2Shoot Photography

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