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Beautiful Glengarry, Ontario

The beautiful United Township of Glengarry, Ontario

Where Ontario begins Glengarry Ontario

People want to live in wonderful place where all facilities and beautiful scenic surroundings give a peaceful lap. South Glengarry is the perfect place to live for those who enjoy hunting, beautiful scenery, community fairs, etc in their vicinity. South Glengarry, in the United Township of Glengarry was officially established by the United Empire Loyalist prior to the 1800's. After its establishment, many people rushed towards this beautiful township. Due to the migration, it has turned into the perfect blend of Highland Scots, Montrealers and French Canadians. Due to the presence of the “St Lawrence River” many people want to settle here and at any cost. Where Ontario begins, this township is located near to the Quebec Border, highways 401 and 417. Glengarry is ideal for people who love music, dancing, art and is used to visiting downtown in the city of Montreal.

There are so many places where you must go and explore in South Glengarry. The core tourism attractions in the United township of Glengarry are The Martintown Mill, Sir John Johnson House, Nor’westers and Loyalist Museum and the most beautiful place is The Williamstown Fair. This fair is full of liveliness and is known as Canada’s oldest annual fair.

Martintown Grist Mill

Martintown Grist Mill is a pleasant place situated at the centre of the town of Marintown in Memorable Glengarry township, Ontario. It has ultimate rural vibe on a pleasant setting on the north bank of the Raisin River. It is the awesome place for nature lovers as the greenery has been maintained beautifully by Marintown Mill Preservation Society, an organization works for good, not for benefit. A popular tourist destination, the Martintown Mill showcases the work of local artists and local produce; it also serves as farmers' market. It remains open to the public during late spring to early fall..

Nor'westers and Loyalist Museum

The Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum is surrounded by the trees in Williamstown, Ontario. This museum has a Georgian style structure and it is an awesome area for any Loyalist history lover.

Sir John Johnson House

Sir John Johnson House is situated in Williamstown, Ontario. It was established at some point somewhere in the range of 1784 and 1792 as a perfect site for nature lovers. It is a beautiful historical site, which is maintained in its original condition by Parks Canada.

Sir John Johnson House remains one of the oldest houses in Ontario. The Home has the Glengarry archives and is available to the general public, every Monday in the late spring months.

Williamstown Fair

Williamstown Fair is the fair most awaited by people who want to enjoy life thoroughly. As the year passes, the execution of this fair improves in its perfect way. This fair had started as “just a normal road gathering” and has turned into a beautiful annual occasion for everyone. Many people from different countries come to Glengarry to enjoy this fair. This fair is the ultimate attraction of this beautiful township and makes people want to settle in Glengarry for a lifetime.

The beautiful township of Glengarry is filled with lots of attractions, so many people want to live in Glengarry, Ontario to enjoy their life in peace where nature offers its beautiful companionship, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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